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• 8/9/2013

Bringing a node to the dead zone

so here's the thing i play on a FTB server....i worked on my base for a month or so....then i decided to take a dive into Thaumcraft(first time)..half way through researching i found out i could use crystal cores to snag any nearby i did...took me 4 crystal cores to bring the closest's the sucker punch...i found out the core isn't growing because there's no aura..out of all places to build my base i built it smack dab in the middle of a dead now i have a peanut size,maybe less node and it keeps going 0 every time i tries to grow....I've tried adding flux by concocting all kinds of stuff with the crucible and infusion altar...but to no avail..i tried chain linking nodes to the border of the dead zone hoping they could help each other out...same thing...I've tried crystal clusters....filled the entire room with it...still I've run out of ideas and hoping someone here could help me

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• 8/10/2013

You could use Crystal capacitors. Fill them up somewhere there is a local aura, then bring them back to your base and put them down. They should fill the node you brought to your base. Once you have over 100 Vis in your node, plant a silverwood sapling and use a hoe of growth to grow it instantly. Make sure the tree is more than 10 blocks from your node. Refill the first node with more crystal capacitors, and plant another tree. Keep doing this until you have about a dozen, then use a crystal core to merge all the pure nodes from the silverwoods into one big node. 

Another idea is to chain silverwood trees and the pure nodes that come with them all the way to the edge of the deadzone. keep the trees at least 10 blocks away from each other so they don't merge. Go in several directions and it should create enough to feed your main node from outside the dead zone.

• 8/11/2013

the crystal capacitors did the trick,i had to overcharge a nearby flux to make some for the capacitors,and used it on my own.once it got enough vis i managed to plant silverwood trees,now it no longer the size of a peanut a healthy 490 node.i chained about 7 nodes to the border of the deadzone and they can exchange vis among themselves yet my node isnt receiving any help,even though its just 124 blocks away from the nearest one.though its no big deal,im able to boost it now.

Thanks for the help man

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